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  1. 123_ Home_Developer
    February 12, 2018

    Hello Mark,
    Music to my ears. You sound like someone I need but unfortunately I’m in Kent. I’ve been let down by my architect, my builder and Building Control on my double story home extension. Built to eaves level and now demolished – lots of problems but basically the walls weren’t plumb! None of the problems were picked up by BC. It was only after the contractor walked off site because he didn’t like me querying his work and I asked an independent Building Surveyor to look at it that the extent of his incompetence came to light. As part of this process it’s become clear that the drawings are incorrect, what’s drawn can’t actually be built and there’s nowhere near enough detail for construction. So I’m back to the drawing board to a certain extent. I’ve notice almost everyone talks about drawings for BC approval. I think that’s the wrong emphasis. They need to be drawings that if followed will result in a sound, safe, dry etc home. If they are then of course they’ll get BC approval. If they’re not unfortunately they may also get BC approval. Builders are unregulated, they probably only know what they’ve been taught by another unregulated builder. They don’t know what they don’t know. The other problem is that clients don’t know either. My builder didn’t look at any drawings so that’s clearly a bigger issue! But if I had had better drawings I would have been able to insist on a higher quality from the beginning. The only person who can bridge this gap is the professional. Either we have to professionalise building or architects need to produce good quality construction drawings.


    • Mark Stephens
      February 13, 2018

      Hi Helen

      Many thanks for comment; sorry for troubles – what also helps is having an architect on board from beginning to end to keep an eye on the builder & making sure everything is done right




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