Happy new Year & Work Resolutions…

Happy New Year and I hope that you have a prosperous and successful 2012.

To start the year off, here’s a few of my business New Year resolutions for 2012 (I’ll leave the personal and cycling goals for another occasion):

1. To be the best that I can

An obvious one to kick off with but what does it mean? In essence it’s to give 110% in terms of client understanding, designing, production and on site inspection. To be the best possible architect that I can be.

In the words of Yoda: “There is no try, only do!”

2. To be as professional as I can possibly be in administration:

A continuation of the above but it means that you need to be be VERY thorough in the paperwork and includes (not exhaustive list):

* Using the RIAI Agreement between Client & Architect
* A thorough written and agreed briefing process
* All minutes of design and site meetings written and agreed

3. To continue to share via the blog, Twitter, FaceBook …

The title says it all and I look forward to seeing you, your projects and funny kitten photos/videos too!

4. To stay out of trouble

It’s a jungle out there and the goal is to stay out of trouble, ‘Nuff said.

Happy New Year from Mark Stephens Architects…

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