Happy New Year ! Office & business Covid opening arrangements…

Below is an update of our working arrangements for the next 4 weeks due to the current Level 5 lockdown.

From Monday 4th January 2020 for 4 weeks the office will be closed to visitors.

Work is continuing remotely.

Site visits continue as Construction and Development is an essential service as deemed by Government guidelines and we’re a ‘Support Service’

Site surveys will continue where safe to do so ie unoccupied sites/buildings and with PPE

Other consultations/meetings will be conducted remotely via Teams or Zoom

If you are contemplating a construction project of the following types then why not CONTACT US… – there’s an online form that you can complete on this page to get a project started:

  • A new house – either A2 minimum rated (the minimum now) or a Certified Passive House
  • An extension to an existing house – this can also involve a refurbishment/rearrangement but the size of the extension should require planning permission
  • A restoration of a Protected Structure that has not yet received planning permission


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