Drawing stairs convention #ArchiChat #Vectorworks

I put a poll on Twitter after Christmas on how staircases should be drawn (in came about as I was respectfully being doing it wrong for the last 40 years) which is still active for a few more days HERE

Well the results are in and what’s amazing is that 35% of a small poll (49 people) are also doing it wrong!

The dispute is over which parts of the stairs you show solid and which bits you show dashed.

Well I’m prepared to learn and change and below is the way (along with 55% of the poll) think that continuing stairs should be drawn (I’ve extended the theory into a third level)

Bear in mind that in these days of BIM and the various different software, some changes are needed to be made away from what was traditionally hand-drawn. Drawings below in Vectorworks which luckily allows a great choice over how stairs are represented in 2D & 3D:

Now I’m sure that there may be disagreements on this! Comments (as always) welcome…

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