Don't take the blame but you still need to care and look after your mental health!

I wrote last week about how Architecture is the true caring profession… and I mentioned at the end of the post that the danger is caring too much and you are unable to keep your private life away from your business. It’s very easy to take the clients problems upon your shoulders and let the stress and worry eat you away.

What’s worse is when the problems you are trying to fix aren’t even your fault!

So what’s the solution.

1. You still need to care – Read this again if unsure…

2. Take responsibility for any mistakes and then try and fix the ones that aren’t. Even if the problems aren’t caused by you; the client and builder may have a different take and so might the judge when you’ve ended up in court.

3. Always remember the motto: Don’t try to be too helpful Every single big error I’ve made can be traced back to me trying to be too helpful. Sometimes the fix that solves the problem won’t be popular; if you’re being too helpful and going for the easy solution that keeps everyone happy (in the short-term) will come back to bite you later.

4. And most of all, value your mental health. If you feel that stress and worry is getting you down then talk to someone and get help. Architecture is a stressful business and it’s very easy to let things get on top of you.

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