Delivered presentation at #24intPHC International Passivhaus Conference on nZEB, Passivhaus & Certification in Ireland

Well I think my presentation yesterday ‘Mind the gap: nZEB and Pas­siv­haus: An Ir­ish per­spec­ti­ve’ at the 24th International Passive House Conference went OK. Originally planned for Berlin (was really looking forward to returning to the city where we had our 5th year college trip pre-wall coming down). But needs must, the conference is now online and the conference is turning out to be excellent; it offers the opportunity for everyone to see every lecture as they’re all recorded & accessible.

There is still time to buy a conference ticket and view my presentation (plus all the others) HERE.

`You can see a screen grab from the presentation below & without giving too much away the summary going forward if you’re considering a Passive House project in 2021 is:

  • You can’t compare apples & oranges – Passivhaus is a far superior metric than nZEB – the thermal bridging for nZEB comes from poor details of 2006 – Passivhaus is Thermal Bridge free – calculated & verified in construction
  • Certification is essential – this means Fully Certified. The only way to guarantee design and build quality to the stringent Passive House Standard is through the methodology of Full Building Certification
  • Your house goes up in value if it’s fully Passive House Certified

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