Covid-19 Work & business update

I hope that you’re all staying safe & well.

Quick post on getting back to work and current business methods…

Well we’ve been back for a while now; more or less fully with a few tweaks to how we are working:

• The office is open but we’re adhering to strict social distancing. There’s a marker on the floor as a maximum distance to enter the office to maintain this:

• I’m coming into the office on an infrequent basis to check post etc… I currently have a home office set up which is working well and undertaking Zoom meetings with staff to go through things as well as clients:

• We’re still pretty busy but we’re always interested in taking on new clients; if you have a project in mind – complete THIS QUESTIONNAIRE to get started…
I hope that you’re all staying safe & well.

ps a reminder that it is mandatory if you are entering ireland from another country that you self isolate & quarantine for 14 days

We also have a SHEET ON VISITING HOUSES on our protocol.

Stay safe everyone…

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