Contractors be warned. I have a 100mm diameter ball #BRegs

With the potential increased liability of the Building Regulations Amendments (S.I No. 9 of 2014) I thought it best to arm myself with a 100mm diameter sphere:


Part K (1.1.19) requires that:

“In buildings which are likely to be used by children under five years old, guarding should be so constructed that a 100 mm diameter sphere cannot pass through any openings in the guarding.”

The argument that you don’t have any children under five years old is risible as the house could be sold to someone who does have children under five.

So, I am armed with my super-accurate 100mm ball and if it passes through any openings then the guarding does not comply with Part K of the Building Regulations.

A special thanks to Geoff Wilkinson who put me in contact on where I could get my ball (ebay)

3 thoughts on “Contractors be warned. I have a 100mm diameter ball #BRegs

  1. I cannot believe the number of staircases and guardians that appear on TV programs like Grand Designs and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces that simply do not comply… or where the presenter even suggests removing a handrail or guarding to make the space feel more open…

    A classic was the tree house (which was for families to stay in) in Kielder where a child might reasonably be expected to be. I even tweeted about it direct to George Clarke… It had horizontally arranged guarding wires that could be climbed or I think possibly parted a bit to allow your ball through! The drop from the area that was guarded was considerable!

  2. except of course where a cut string is
    used, the triangular space formed by tread and riser
    is allowable, provided the bottom edge of the
    balustrade is not more than 50 mm above the nosing

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