We continue to provide Vectorworks Passivhaus outsource services for architects in UK @Vectorworks

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Vectorworks & Passivhaus Outsourcing

Just a reminder to let you know that we have, and continue to provide outsourced Vectorworks architectural services for architects in the UK. This is what we can do:

• Undertake design, planning & construction drawings using any version of Vectorworks
• Undertake drawings complying with UK Building Regulations; as ARB and RIBA Registered architects we are au-fait with UK Regs
• Not steal your clients – I’m old enough and ugly enough with clients of my own that doesn’t necessitate in me stealing yours
• 100% confidentiality – we will work with you with no one else aware of your outsourcing – that’s why you can’t see any examples of our work with other architects here.
• Work remotely using fibre-optic broadband using services such as DropBox and if required attend meetings as your staff – I can get to most destinations in UK (within an hour or so from Knock Airport)
• We’ll work at a good price – I’m in Ireland!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you with your Vectorworks drawing or Passivhaus requirements then why not CONTACT US… We look forward to hearing from you.

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