Blog revamped with end of world font and why fonts are important…

Thinking that I’d revamp the website a little bit (actually it was to make it a little different to my kids school blog which uses the same WordPress Theme), I thought I’d choose a font that would be contemporary, futuristic even; a font that shows Mark Stephens Architects as a forward thinking architectural practice. So I duly upgraded to a custom set of WordPress CSS fonts and the font that I chose was Orbital.

So, you can now see this font in the main banner header and also on the welcome blurb on the home page. Lovely isn’t it!

Now, maybe I know something that you don’t but whilst sorting out the home page image (that was fun opening up Photoshop, ImageReady and DreamWeaver and rustily image slicing and sorting out the HTML), and whilst downloading the Orbital font for the image, I found this:

Orbital Font Information from website

Where, at the end of the world as we know it, the intention is to have a single font that survives (all the other fonts will inevitably be lost or destroyed); the cockroach of all fonts if you like. And that font is Orbital.

At least now I’ve forecast the catastrophic future and won’t have to do a web site update when all the fonts are gone.

The conclusion therefore is that fonts do have meanings and inferences and to give careful consideration to what you are trying to say.

ps. And don’t get me started on Comic Sans…

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