Assigned Certifiers to keep record of all materials used on site, mentioning @bregsforum

Following up from a post on the BRegsForum on this topic I am currently working on my first tender issue under S.I.No.9 of 2014 and analysing how I’m going to approach this problem…

I thought I’d first print out each Irish Standard or Irish Agrément Certificate but then realised I’d need an easier way to upload all the files into the new Building Control Management System (BCMS). The decision therefore was to comply a separate specification document that lists the materials together with their Agrément Certificates.

You can see my starting point for this by clicking HERE. What’s interesting about this is:

• The forecasts were right, this does take a lot more time (and money)

• The contractor will have to use EXACTLY what is specified; the days of ‘Or similar approved’ for me are gone as they will take too long to check every aspect against what is specified. It is the Assigned Certifier that takes responsibility ultimately for the materials on site; he/she should insist on the materials ‘as specified’. Do you honestly think the contractor will take the time to locate and forward the Agrément Certificates for their ‘similar’ product?

• Assigned Certifiers will be using products that they are familiar with, have a proven track record, that are easy to get hold off and have the necessary back-up in terms of Agrément Certificates etc… Product suppliers take note!

I’d be interested in hearing how others will be tackling this problem, comments welcome…

All advice online is remote from the situation and cannot be relied upon as a defence or support – in and of itself – should legal action be taken. Competent legal and building professionals should be asked to advise in Real Life with rights to inspect and issue reports on the matters at hand.

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