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If you’re a new Architecture student then you’ve probably had your orientation and you’re just about to start the educational process of ‘Becoming an architect’

This post is to give a few books that may help you along the way; I’ll give a mini-critique on each and say who I think the book would be most useful for…:

1. The Architecture School Survival Guide:

Available at: https://www.ribabookshops.com/item/the-architecture-school-survival-guide/86380/ Not sure if you can get this in the RIAI Bookshop

A great little book; very punchy, full of ideas, concepts, hints & tips – highly recommended for a first year student beginning architecture.

2. What An Architecture Student Should Know

Available at: https://www.ribabookshops.com/item/what-an-architecture-student-should-know/82177/

A little bit verbose for a beginner ; it does however give great guidance ‘behind the scenes’ on how a crit does and ideally should work. In fact I think this is great reading if you are a lecturer rather than a student as it’s written in quite an ‘academic’ way.

3. The Architecture Concept Book

Available at: https://www.ribabookshops.com/item/the-architecture-concept-book-an-inspirational-guide-to-creative-ideas-strategies-and-practices/92305/

Every architectural idea should have a ‘Primary Generator’ and this books gives guidance on where you can find inspiration on what this could be in the form of:

ASSESS: Wonder • Environment • Disorder • Memory • Function • Form • Irony • Politics

ANALYSE: Walk • Influence • Reclaim • Respect • Obscure • Heroize • Improve • Improvise

ASSEMBLE: Floor • Wall • Structure • Roof • Door • Façade • Stair • Services

AUGMENT: Review • Diagram • Optimize • Economize • Colour • Contrast • Scale • Craft

Probably a bit too much for a first year architecture student – I’d hold this one back until things are getting tougher in the latter years of the course.

You can read more about the ‘Primary Generator’ and other ‘Tips for Architecture Students’ HERE

4. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

You can get this via the RIAI Bookshop – details on how to order HERE or the RIBA Bookshop HERE

This is my favourite as it’s an ideal starter for any architecture student and contains key architectural concepts, hints & tips alongside easy to understand explanations and illustrations. It’s also a perfect size to keep alongside you while you work and dip in and out of as required.

There’s a preview of the book HERE

Best of luck to all the architecture students across the world. Stick at it!

ps I may be teaching a bit more this year so I’ve bought all of the above to give me some guidance too!

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