Architects: What you do explained for Juniors

I purposely picked up the Irish Times a few days ago which included a supplement for kids that included a section on Open House Junior by the Irish Architecture Foundation. And as well as having ‘Architreks’ with activity sheets to complete on actual locations in Dublin there were some excellent explanations on architecture & architects, I quote from the supplement:

What is Architecture?

“Architecture is the art of designing buildings socthat they look beautiful and can be used for the things that will happen inside them. Like art, architecture has many different styles. Architecture is important because we want our homes, schools, towns and cities to look good and work well for the people who use them”

What is an Architect?

“An architect is a person who designs buildings. They decide what the building will look like and what it is made of. First they will talk to the people who will use the building and look at the place where it will be built. Then architects make drawings and models of their ideas. They give the builder a drawing called a plan and they also supervise the construction”

So there you go, into the ears of babes. I challenge you to find a better explanation of what we do.

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