Architects Declare Ireland Zoom Welcome Meeting – Thursday 11th June 7-8pm please share

Inaugural Architects Declare Zoom Welcome Meeting – Thursday 11th June 7-8pm

It has been a year since the Architects Declare movement started in the UK by all seventeen living winners of the Stirling Prize. Since then it has grown to include a network of architects from 20 countries around the world with over 4000 global signatures.

The Irish Architects Declare was set up in September 2019, we now have 76 members and wish to encourage everyone to share the movement with colleagues, friends and family to grow our community even further. So if you haven’t already signed – you can do so HERE

The first phase of the Architects Declare has been to gather momentum and process ideas from across the globe of necessary tools to act on the points of the declaration. We are now stepping in to the second phase of mobilizing action amongst architects and the construction industry in Ireland. On this we would highly value your input and would like to invite you all to an Irish Architects Declare ‘kick-off’ meeting via Zoom on Thursday 11th June 7-8pm to discuss a roadmap for the future.

We believe we are in a time of great opportunity. The current circumstances have forced everyone to stop and reflect on what the post pandemic world should entail. The pause of ‘business as usual’ has proven to have a positive effect on the climate and biodiversity. We now need to put in motion necessary shifts to maintain this positive effect as we move forward to a new, better, normal.

Please join us for the kick-off meeting and stay tuned for more information on how we together take action to create architecture and urbanism that has a more positive impact on the world around us.

Kindest regards,

Mark Stephens, Catriona Duggan, Achim Gottstein, David Browne, Karolina Backman

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