Opinion: Approved Inspectors & Architects by Mark Stephens MRIAI

Here’s my opinion piece on Approved Inspectors & Architects on http://bregsforum.wordpress.com

One thought on “Opinion: Approved Inspectors & Architects by Mark Stephens MRIAI

  1. Mark
    Interesting and thanks for the links to the ongoing discussion on the forum. However you seem to have forgotten the last post on the winners and losers with the new regs. It is aptly entitled
    The demise of building your own home in Ireland under 2014 Regulations (S.I.9 of 2014) and I would recommend it to anybody who is comtemplating a self build or who might want to try and influence the political process that is taking place. Anyway it seems that the main losers are those who may want to build their own houses, with extra costs of up to €18 per house!

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