A whistle stop tour of projects under construction:

Following a flurry of site visits over the last few I thought I’d share a few images together with captions of what’s under construction at the moment:

You’ll have seen this over the last few months; a rural house in Mayo. A-rated design with TATA Urban ColorCoat steel mono pitched roof. Wide cavity work with heat recovery & mechanical ventilation.

Mayo rural House

Progress: Wall insulation going in

I did the planning and initial construction information only on this one; a glazed contemporary extension to a traditional Irish 3 roomed Irish cottage in Mayo

Contemporary extension to traditional cottage

Progress: nearing completion

This is a double-ended extension with curved walls at one end and a curved roof at other to a 1990’s dormer bungalow in Mayo

Double ended extension

Progress: Steel in and roof timbers to curved roof being fixed

Doubled ended extension

A better view of the curved roof end

Double ended extension

Progress: Foundations & steel structure in

This is a refurbishment and rebuilding over garage to extend a traditional house in County Galway:

Traditional extension in County Galway

Traditional extension in County Galway

View from rear

View from rear

Rural house in Longford

A canted ‘sun catching’ house in County Longford. Progress: Roof going up next

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