Where does architecture end and interior design begin? A call to Interior Designers…

An interesting question this one. The question arose when I added this new ‘Tear Sheet’ on a project from a while back to the website:

House & Garage Sligo

And realised that there was an incredible amount of interiors work that I ended up worked with the client on for the above project.

In days of old it was traditional for architects to handle all the interior design work as well as the ‘architecture’. Look at Le Corbusier’s work and as well as the interior fittings he even designed the furniture that could occupy each space. At the most famous house of all; Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright, the fittings are designed by the architect. From the built-in cantilevered seating that projects from the wall to the benches along the perimeter in the principle living space; the architects hand was involved from inception to completion.

So therefore the question is simple, where does architecture end and interior design begin? Comments welcome…

Also, I appreciate the talents of the Interior Designer and welcome working with them more, if you’d like to work with me and I’ll try and push your services, let me know your details and I’ll add them to this page:

2 thoughts on “Where does architecture end and interior design begin? A call to Interior Designers…

  1. Its an interesting question, and I think the real answer lies in the seamlessness of the work. If one can’t tell where one ends and the other begins then architect, interior designer and whoever else have done a great job. And if the one person has done all the design and it fits together then again, great job. But its rare enough to find such meshing of ideas and the carrying out of them so that they all fit beautifully.

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