Living Small, Tiny houses and @guardianweekend

OH: Why do you get the Guardian at the weekend?

Me: Well, it has an excellent sports section (by that I mean decent cycling coverage by journalists such as William Fotheringham. And great recipes (I regularly try and compare the recipes, here’s the Guardian Weekend version:

Baked Red Onions & Walnut Salsa

Baked Red Onions & Walnut Salsa

And here’s my attempt at same:

My attempt at same

My attempt at same

And then you get excellent architectural and interior design pieces, and this weeks issue was a crackingly brilliant article (by Oliver Burkeman) on building and living ‘Small’.

That’s exactly what you love, I hear you say. You’ve even written something on this previously I also hear you say. Click HERE to read the article on building smaller.

You’ve even written 2 pieces on Dominic Stevens €25,000 house; Click HERE and HERE to read those!

You’ve even refurbished a cobblers cottage at 10m2 (107 sqft), image below:

Cobblers Cottage Restoration Exterior

Cobblers Cottage Restoration Exterior – AFTER

And the interior:

Cobblers Cottage Restoration Interior

Cobblers Cottage Restoration Interior

Anyway, back to the post, so what was the article about?… The joy and love that people have of living in small spaces. Rather than regurgitate it all here, simply read the original piece online by CLICKING HERE

The article also had some brilliant ‘Small and Tiny’ House websites/blog that I’ve listed below:

Tiny House Blog

The Tiny Life

This Tiny House

Remember, small is beautiful…

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