When’s the best time to build your own house (and other important stuff)…

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”


The answer therefore to the title’s question is obvious and the same – it’s NOW!

Forget about negative equity, mortgage tax reliefs, banks, mortgages… If you want to build your own house – you have to start NOW!

I’m not going to go into great detail concerning how it’s the best time to build your house when labour is readily available etc; we all know that getting money from the banks is ‘nigh on impossible (the banks I fear have no money); instead my argument is simple. I regularly meet people who want to self-build their house for themselves and their family; to create a nest for their children to grow and be nurtured in, a place that their children will want to call their home and return home to in your dotage. The problem is that with every passing day that you’re not pushing forward with your dream – your children are getting older. I know that this is said a million times but the time from when your children are small to when they leave passes in a blink of the eye. Our own awkward 4 year old at play-school has now matured into a confident 6 foot plus adult who is embarking on his own life with his own dreams and aspirations and will be leaving the nest we created very soon.

So my message is simple, if you want to self-build your own house then NOW is the time to get started; it’s a long process (much in the way sometimes a tree grows, hence the quote at the top of this post). If you don’t want to do this then fine, but if you do, get started!

This message applies to all aspects of life; if there’s something you want to do, get doing it ! What are you waiting for! DO IT!


Foundations going in in someone who is doing it NOW!

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