Triathlon, Architecture, sharing and why I blog…

The faithful readers will know that I attended a triathlon coaching weekend a while back run by Triathlon Ireland; and as well as being excellent and thoroughly enjoyable (and also hard work and pushing the comfort zone); it taught me a whole heap of stuff completely unrelated to sport and triathlon…

The biggest eye-opener was that most of the attendees were highly competitive (still competing) triathletes who intended to put something back into the sport through the coaching of others.

Rather than keep their training techniques and secrets to themselves, they were more than happy to help educate and train others in every aspect of each discipline; from stroke technique in the swimming to bike handling and onto efficient running. Nothing was held back and everyone was out to help each other in whatever way they could.

Thanks to the explosion of social-media and the rapid increase in blogging architects, we are now seeing the same level of interaction and sharing of information between ‘competing’ architects and engineers (and often sharing similar tales of woe).

So this is why I blog. To be able to share and in turn get better through sharing and working with others.

Below is photo from the weekend which was excellent btw (I’m in the background in my 80’s Prendas retro TI-Raleigh gear:


From the cycle coaching session. Special thanks to Eamonn & Conor at Triathlon Ireland for brilliant weekend & the photo.

I undertook triathlons in the pioneering days in the early 80′ – DETAILS HERE

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