The most frequently asked question regarding our grass roof…

A very frequent question with an easy answer; below is the grass roof over the lower section of our house that has the living and dining room underneath:

Grass roof

The grass roof before the trim

I’m not going into detail over why we have the grass roof, suffice to say it’s highly insulated that provides warmth in the winter and ‘coolth’ in the summer and blends the house into the landscape. Plus the grass we took away has been replaced (more or less) with the grass roof.

The surprising thing about the roof (which I’d often read but still didn’t expect) was the range of growth on the roof. We initially planted simple grass seeds into the soil (it’s an Intensive grass roof by the way and for more information on the difference between Intensive & Extensive roofs visit the excellent information at Bauder) and the mosses that are growing at the edges are incredible (see below):

Moss growth

Moss growth on the grass roof

Well anyway, back to the original question, how do I cut the grass? The answer is with a petrol strimmer (see below) plus occasional help from the wild goats and the straying cow:


Me tooled and geared up for strimming

And this is the end result of my work and yes, it’s meant to be a bit bumpy; we’re not playing tennis on it and looks more natural !


After the haircut

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