Come to Ireland and buy a house…

The faithful followers of my photos and blog will have seen the exceptional beauty of West Ireland from the regularly posted photos whilst on my bike rides (and other excursions).

You can see all these images on my personal blog (the one you’re reading now is the business/architectural one) at:

See below for just one typical example of this gorgeousness (Lough Talt, Co. Sligo):

Some have called me the unofficial tourist ambassador for the West of Ireland which got me thinking…

I should play this card to my advantage; let’s push to get more people to visit Ireland and then when you’re here why not buy a house. All the better if you decide to live here but don’t worry about pricing the locals out of the market; there’s more than enough to go round and anyways most of the wrecks aren’t wanted anyways (sorry to say). Even better why not buy one of the quaintly named ‘Ghost houses’ (a bit like ye old pirate ship) that are going dead cheap and just need a little tarting up.

And then when you’ve bought a house and you need to do it up, why not get yourself an architect to help get you through planning and make your dream home a reality (ahem). It’s not a straightforward task and I guess my next job is to put together a fact sheet on the steps and pitfalls of buying and renovating an Irish property (so watch this space). Even if you don’t decide to buy in my locale (basically Connacht), I’d be happy to recommend other architects I would trust throughout Ireland that do similar work.

So this isn’t one of my flippant posts, (well maybe the bit a about the ghost houses was) but if you’re interested then CONTACT ME…

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