Site Inspection Cards and self-builders!

In much the same ways as the Building Control system operates in the UK, I’m adopting a similar ‘card notification’ system in order to know when to visit and inspect the site.

Now, this isn’t a problem with a main contractor with a contract between builder and client as I am on site as frequently as the project is required (and that can be a lot); the problem is generally with self-builders who start and stop projects and unfortunately in today’s economic climate this problem is going to occur with more frequency.

Anyway, the first card is ready on the link below and I’ll be adding more cards over the next few months. If you’re an architect (especially in Ireland) feel free to copy the concept, you never know it might improve the build quality across the country.

Plus, if you think I’ve missed anything out, let me know.

The First 4 Inspection Cards

I’ve also added the cards (and future ones) into the ‘Important Stuff’ side widget.

Comments as always welcome…

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