And the best house in a TV advert goes to…

This follows on from the post I did ages back on the Greatest Fictional Architect and House (book and film category), plus it’s a bit of fun for Friday.

Drum roll, the Best House in a TV advert has to be the house in the Karcher glass cleaning kit:


The house from the Karcher glass cleaning kit ad

As the faithful readers know we have a stack of glass in our gaff (reminder below):

Our house-summer

15m of south facing glazed curtain walling

And yes, it’s been pretty difficult to clean. And not one to usually succumb to the power of advertising, but as an architect with a contemporary glazed house (perfect catchment for the advert!) I immediately went out and got the kit. And you know, it’s pretty good – no pool of dirty water on the ground, nice and clean and streak free. #Result :

Karcher Glass cleaning kit

Karcher Glass cleaning kit

2 thoughts on “And the best house in a TV advert goes to…

  1. I Agree. And so does my wife. This is really a wonderful house. Does anyone know where it is located? I will try to use this one as an inspiration for building my own dream house.

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