Observations on opening a new office #Swinford #Mayo #Ireland

I thought I’d share a few observations on opening a new office. I’d had a few offices in London over the years but this is the first time it’s been close to a high street with a large window display:


Firstly, things are going well, it’s still not quite finished (the planning has come through and I’m awaiting the new shopfront panelling and signage); but fingers crossed it looks like being a success. Either way there are definite advantages of not working from home:

• You have a separate place you can meet people at; it’s always reasonably tidy and you don’t have a mad panic or an irritated better half tidying up before a client arrives

• It’s a big advert for your business; I am constantly amazed at how many people stop and look at the window display. You’d think after a few weeks this will lessen but it’s still continuing!

• You get a better internet connection. We’ve struggled for years with internet sped and download limits from the office at home (in the middle of no where); now we should have (fingers crossed as new line is being installed this week) a pretty quick internet set-up

• You have space for staff, Melissa is with me full time now and currently I also have Ciara who’s on work experience

Other observations include:

• You see the same faces walking past every day

• You get the occasional ‘odd-ball’ coming in off the street:

“What’s going on here then?” – “It’s an architect’s office”, “OK carry on then”

“Can you register my pony please?” Wha?

• You get a lot of requests to involve (i.e. hand over money) for some aspect of the community; Humbert Challenge Triathlon sponsorship (which I’m doing), Swinford Soccer Club signage (still thinking about), Agricultural Show Donkey competition (probably not).

• The draw-backs are that it costs more, not just the set-up but Council fees (how do they expect to attract new businesses with the fees requested?) and Insurances for the building, contents, employers & public liability.

Anyway, fingers crossed, I’ll keep you posted.

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