"Look out there" Part 2!

Following on from the earlier post; our own house has an angled wall in the living room.

The idea behind the design was that this underground, grass roofed section was angled towards the west and setting sun.

I knew that at a specific point in the year, the wall inside, the bouldered wall outside and the sun would be in alignment.

What is very cool (and this is what architecture is about) is when this alignment (similar to Newgrange I guess) occurs.

The photo below shows the alignment mid January of this year:

As per the previous post. Architecture isn’t always “Look at me” but is instead “Look out there”

2 thoughts on “"Look out there" Part 2!

  1. Love the idea the sun and alignment of walls. Noted the interface of glazing to floor finish and the texture of the gravel margin on the inside of the house, whats the intent here. Never seen it inside. I have a very similar detail on the perimeter of my own house, it gives an interesting quality and avoids cutting-in sandstone paving etc around drainage outlets.

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