I look into crystal ball again, we can change the future and the benefits of an architect… ( and a thanks again to @Barros_Isabel )

Following on a bit from the last Crystal ball gazing post on Building Control and Self-Builders I’m looking into the crystal ball again and see one possible development that could arise from the Building Control Amendment.

Cue sound effects, whooo, whooo, cross my palm with silver etc… I’m looking into my crystal ball…:

Registered RIAI architects one of the “assigned professionals” that will be able to prepare and submit Building Regulation drawings together with the inspection plan and perform the required inspections as set out in the Building Control Amendments. So good so far, but the risk is that the architect is taken on for the pretty bit at the beginning, doing the sketch designs and obtaining the planning permission; and the project is then passed over to another to complete the project (someone who may at first sight appear cheaper). I’m already seeing this happen and the purpose of this post is that the true benefit of an architect comes when you appoint your architect for the entire project.

I’ve already written about the optimal team for your architectural project and I have no axe to grind against other professions but in my experience the best projects are the result of a great team where architects and engineers are working together for a common aim.

I could speak copiously on this subject but I think the YouTube video from the AIA below sums the benefits of an architect perfectly (a special thanks again to Isabel Barros for the heads-up on the movie). The movie is US centric but the sentiments are identical across the world.

Comments as always welcome…

2 thoughts on “I look into crystal ball again, we can change the future and the benefits of an architect… ( and a thanks again to @Barros_Isabel )

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the mention.
    The movie is good and it goes to the point. People worried with the additional expense an Architect can bring to their project will be particularly interested in watching from minute 2:00.

    In relation to the issue you unveil here I personally never saw this happening. Actually the opposite has happened in some occasions. And many times clients start by wanting just Planning drawings and they decide to keep me for all stages.

    I guess it’s up to the Architect to show their clients from the very beginning that they are worth the investment!

    All the best,
    Isabel Barros
    Isabel Barros Architects, Wexford

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