Houseologist, Interiorista or Architectural Alchemist ? @houseologyhome mentioned

Eva Byrne who’s doing great work @houseologyhome ( has a great moniker or handle for the work she does – ‘Interiorista’.

Now I can’t copy that one and following returning home to a near completed project yesterday (slideshow to follow in next post); we discussed the new arrangement of rooms and what we achieved (as a team) and the result was ‘Architectural Alchemy’ The difference being that instead of working with base metals, the architectural alchemists’ materials are space, light and heat.

There will be more to follow in the next post but a common aspect of architectural alchemy is when you are unable to walk into the new space and you cannot remember how it used to be or how exactly did all this new space get conjured up?


More to follow…

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