Architectural alchemy on this Co.Mayo extension – employ an Architect!

Following on from the ‘Architectural Alchemist’ POST. Below is a slideshow of a project reaching completion where we did a little bit of magic…

Architectural Alchemy – an example:

How do you get a brand new bedroom, a utility room, a new WC, two new sitting areas, and a large area for storage into an extension of only 23m2? All good sizes by the way! The flow through the house has been drastically altered (so much that it’s now difficult to remember how the house worked before!) and the house is full of light and volume.

Through architectural alchemy.

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Contractor: John Donoghue of Derry Quay Construction –

You can download a ‘Tear-sheet’ of this project HERE and you can see all of our projects including similar ‘Tear-sheets’ in the PROJECTS section of our website

Interior views coming in due course…

The message therefore is that this alchemy is what architects are trained to do. This is their job. I meet clients all the time trying to work it out for themselves but this isn’t what they are trained to do. It is what the architect is trained for!

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