You need to think smaller…

I wrote this post in 2012 on why you need to think smaller when designing and building a house.

Two years later and the situation has got worse, not better. With the banks requiring that you need a 20% deposit before you get a mortgage; you’ll need to think smaller if you’re ever to build your dream home (that’s if you’re not a little bit on the rich side). With two people working on average salaries for an average house, this will take seven years to save.

The answer is simple; think a little bit smaller.

Do you really need all those bedrooms?

Do you really need the massive utility?

Do you really need a separate play room or office?

Can you cope with a slightly smaller living room?

Do you really need the separate ‘good’ Sitting room?

If you cut back the square footage, you cut back the price. This cuts back the mortgage you need, cuts back the deposit and thereby gets your dream house built faster (as you’ll be saving for less time).

Obviously you should still appoint an architect for your design (this POST and this POST explains why (plus a little bit of love for Dermot Bannon). The benefit of working this way is that your architects fees should also be reduced in turn. Obviously the new Building Regulations (S.I. No.9 of 2014) haven’t helped in that it’s now virtually impossible for a self-builder with no experience to self-build their own home – but if you’re looking to design and build your own house to your own specific requirements – IT CAN STILL BE DONE…

If you’re looking for an architect in the West of Ireland then please CONTACT US…

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