Withdraw, Reject or Appeal? #Ireland #Planning

This planning conundrum comes up very frequently and it occurs when you’ve exhausted the Further Information route and the planning permission looks as if it’s going to get rejected. Obtaining planning is getting harder – not easier and has generally nothing to do with design (see THIS POST from 2012 on what will scupper your planning application – nothing has changed).

So what do you do if your planning permission looks like getting rejected?:

1. Withdraw

There’s a very strong case for withdrawing the application at the very last second BEFORE the notification of rejection is issued. The key advantage is that there is then no rejection visible on the planning file. This is my standard modus operandi: Withdraw – regroup and resubmit an entirely new planning application. Be warned that you’re back at the very beginning with the standard 8 weeks before any decision/request back from the Planning Authority.

2. Reject

You let the planning application run to its natural course. It gets rejected but then what do you do?

• You now have a rejection on the planning file which doesn’t look good for future applications (see caveat below however)

• You’ll now either have to submit an entirely new planning application (back to the very beginning) or appeal (see below)


Although as I’ve said that it doesn’t look good when there is a rejection on the file – I have had several instances where the subsequent (and entirely revised) planning application has gone on to be successfully passed. It may be that you are determined at all costs to see the application through to the bitter conclusion

3. Appeal

The last course of action and in my opinion a complete waste of time, energy and money – avoid at all costs. THIS POST gives more information on the appeals we have made. If however you still want to go ahead we’re more than happy to assist.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your planning application then please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME…

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