Who am I? #2 – A 'Restoration Man' a big shout to @Cornish_Lime & Callywith Quarry

Continuing on from Blogging Tip – Write a post a day on a specific subject – Who are you? and Who are you? Where am I from? this third post delves a little deeper into my background and where I am now.

You’ve probably seen Restoration Man with George Clarke, I do similar projects in the West of Ireland (before & after photos of restored Mayo cobblers cottage shown below):

Cobblers Cottage

Cobblers Cottage BEFORE

Cobblers Cottage Restoration Exterior

Cobblers Cottage Restoration Exterior – AFTER

Look at the materials. Stone with lime mortar and slate.

What’s interesting now is my Cornish background, as well as the North Cornwall Houses Design Guide mentioned in Post #2, Cornwall has also produced a Guide to Cornish Building Stone and Slate (includes Cornish Lime). Now what’s more interesting is that I have family members who own and operate one of the stone quarries listed (Callywith Quarry) and work for the Cornish Lime Company.

So, what I’m trying to say is that maybe the boy can leave Cornwall but maybe the Cornwall doesn’t actually leave the boy and it just emerges somewhere else; and in my case it’s in the love of traditional materials such as stone, slate and mortar and working in the field of Restoration architecture.

So if you’re looking for stone in Cornwall, head to Callywith Quarry:

Callywith Quarry, Old Callywith Road, Bodmin
Cornwall PL31 2AZ
Tel: 01208 72029
Fax: 01208 79218

And if you’re looking for all things lime and lime related, head to the Cornish Lime Co:

Cornish Lime Co Ltd
Brims Park
Old Callywith Road
PL31 2DZ
Tel: 01208 79779
Fax: 01208 73744
Email: sales@cornishlime.co.uk
Website: www.cornishlime.co.uk

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