What should you do? #4 Career advice for would-be architects & coders…

Continuing on from Blogging Tip – Write a post a day on a specific subject – Who are you? and Who are you? Where am I from? and A ‘Restoration Man’ a big shout to @Cornish_Lime & Callywith Quarry. and What you do now will help in the future, advice for the young (and old)… this fourth post gives a little career advice for those contemplating architecture as a chosen profession:

The current buzz in Ireland is that everyone should be coding, coding is where it’s at, coding is the future of the world and if you’re a young man or woman – learn to code!

Now I’m not saying this isn’t good advice; funnily enough my eldest lad (Conor) is learning Computer Games Development at UL – forget him playing Grand Theft Auto for hours on end as research, the course is entirely mathematical combined with computer systems and a lot (and I mean a lot) of coding. It’s important to know that he’s a very mathematical and logical lad and that combined with his brain practically hard-wired into computer games makes him an ideal candidate for the course. He also attended a Coder-Dojo coding club and a coding workshop held at UL for the course prior to enrolling – so he knew exactly what he was letting himself in for.

However, young people, be careful. The world cannot be entirely made of computer programmers. My advice would be to think about what career would get you out of bed each morning, What career would give you passion? What career would you do for free? nb This isn’t advising to work for free, value your skills and time and then get paid whilst loving your work.

The world still needs architects; I’ve seen points requirements for Architecture tumble dramatically in the last ten years; if you think you would like to design and build architecture then forget what people are saying about jobs and demand; go ahead and do it. If however you’ll get the passion for coding and think that this is the career for you (good coding is an art form in itself and my son is enjoying greatly the course), then go ahead and do this instead.

The important conclusion is to choose a career that is right for you, not right for your parents, your grand-parents or friends – is right for YOU!

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ps Tomorrows last post is a bit of fun for Friday – Cycling and Architecture – I am a cyclist and why it benefits clients…

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