Well January, you haven't disappointed (business wise), one for @priteshpatel9

I posted THIS this at the end of December saying that January is the most popular month when considering construction work later in the year.

Well the statistics have been astonishing with a 133% increase in site views since 2012 and a 127% increase since 2011.

I tweaked my marketing over January a little and there has definitely been a big increase in leads as well as views; the 2 key things were a Google and Twitter ads campaign which led to the massive increase in web traffic and 130 new followers in the month.

Obviously this increase isn’t all new business, but it looks as if things are improving (slowly); a recent RIAI survey had 58% of RIAI Practices anticipating an increase in work levels for 2014.

That’s not say that I can’t take more work on, there’s still 11 months left in the year. Therefore if you’re contemplating construction work this year or 2015 then please CONTACT ME…

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