Vote for Mark Stephens as your RIAI BRegs Reform Candidate; Please Retweet/Like


So the RIAI Council elections have commenced. Make sure you use your vote wisely and if you care about improving the quality of construction across Ireland then vote for a BRegs Reform Candidate and that means voting for myself, Mark Stephens.

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you’ll already know that I care passionately about obtaining an effective Building Control in Ireland; and the goal for the BRegsForum was to open debate on whether the forthcoming changes to the Building Regulations in March 2014 would create a better or worse Building Control. And through this debate (where I have been a key member of the ‘social media team’) you can patently see that from March 1st 2014 if SI80 is implemented then Ireland will be in a worse situation. All the BRegsForum are asking is that the March 1st start-date is postponed and a full and frank debate is opened so that consumers can get a better construction industry and professionals get a better Building Control system to work under.

The motive behind me joining the BRegsForum was not to create division in the RIAI but instead to open debate on whether SI80 is the right way forward for Building Control in Ireland. When I first came to Ireland from the UK, I asked at a CPD event (Part L if I remember) whether Ireland would ever get a system of independent plans and site checks/inspections and the answer given was “Not in your lifetime”. Well that’s not good enough.

Remember that this was before Pyrite and Priory Hall and we’ve come a long way since then and SI80 brings us closer but in my opinion not close enough. As the BRegs Forum is showing the only logical way forward to prevent the likes of Priory Hall happening again is through independent inspections either through the Local Authority or through approved licensed inspectors (as per the UK system).

And it was through being asked and endorsed by the 7 Past RIAI Presidents following the pleas on my own blog for an effective Building Control that I decided to go forward as a candidate on the RIAI Council.

It’s not too late to join the debate online by the links below:


As well as Building Control reform I am keen to address the difficulties rural practices in the West of Ireland are currently facing and will give a voice to all Western region members and it would be a privilege to receive your vote and represent the you on the RIAI Council.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on the BRegsForum, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME…