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Anyone that’s survived in business in Ireland in the last few years should get a medal. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve had to toughen up big time.

One aspect of this toughness is concerned with obtaining upfront payments; I’ve just received an email from someone saying that they NEVER pay anyone ANYTHING upfront. My reply was that I don’t now work without this upfront payment.

Architect like a star ebook

In my recent business e-book ‘Architect Like a Star’ – available on Amazon HERE I explain why this upfront payment is so essential and how much it should be. The e-book also explains through tips and great examples why if you’re an architect (or in fact any type of design professional) you need to adopt ‘star’ like principles in your business.

Me being tough in business is of a benefit to me clients, here’s why:

1. My toughness keeps me in business, in this country. If I wasn’t as tough I’d either be bankrupt, employed or overseas. Me being tough gets your project designed and built.

2. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the rotten apples are making it bad for the really great clients (of which there are stacks) and that to keep in business I have to be tough with everyone. See 1. above

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