@ArchitectJane sums up why freebie sales visits are waste of time #ArchitectLikeAStar

Freebie Sales Visits are a waste of time (and money)

The following tweet from Jane Leach sums up nicely why ‘Freebie Sales Visits’ are a waste of time:


Here’s the LINK for more detail on what Jane’s definition is on the difference is between a free consultation & a Home Design Consultation.

I’ve completely moved away from the ‘Free Initial Consultation’; they don’t move the project on and the only way to do this is a paid piece of analysis and design. And this is what Jane’s Home Design Consultations achieve. And architects; think you’re not working during one of these chats? Think again – why give your work away for free?

We now provide similar services in Ireland – details (where you can buy online are HERE) and IMHO are the best way of assessing (especially if you are uncertain) whether the client and architect can work together and moving a project forward.

If you are an architect reading this, Jane is featured in my book ‘Architect Like a Star’ now available in paperback as well as e-book for Kindle; where you will other tips such as this to help you run your practice ‘Like a star’.

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