Tips for Designing Your Home Office

If you’re working from home, it’s tough to focus on the actual task at hand instead of constantly visiting the kitchen for a snack or taking a quick nap on your dangerously comfy bed. At Home Improvement Leads, they’ve found that relatively small changes to your home office can completely morph how well you work at home. As always, they like to combine practical style with splashes of one’s personality, so here are some tips they’ve brainstormed for your home office during your next remodel.



Order in the Office

We’ve all heard that “less is more,” and in this case, it’s actually a good rule of thumb. Like Forbes mindfully stated, “Designers use proportion and scale to set a room’s tone…Think about how a massive, relatively empty cathedral feels grand, or a small room full of couches feels cozy and warm.” But besides just the size of a room, the objects you choose and the way you display them, taking into account your personal taste and style, have a huge impact on the mood of a space. With that in mind, here are some ideas to keep in mind to curate a dynamic and inspiring work environment.

  • Contain your cords. No one wants to look at a tangled mess of electronics cords collecting dust. Install wire channels, and get wire looms or cord management covers to spruce up the space.
  • Make a specific spot for all of your electronics and their supplies that makes everything easy to find. Just as you need to make plenty of room for a home printer, you’ll need all of its accessories like ink and paper close by in a container as well.
  • Keep private things out of sight. Important papers and documents belong in either a locked filing cabinet or a fireproof safe. You won’t need to review these items on a daily basis, so this doesn’t need to be front and center in the room for you, or anyone else, to access.
  • Finally, make room for your thoughts. It’s important to have plenty of clutter-free space to encourage a creative and stress-free environment.


The Scenery

Now, this is the more exciting part—adding pieces of your personality! Here are some thoughts on how to add personal touches without overwhelming your home office.

  • Designate a little area for things that make you smile. This could include some photos, a fun figurine, or a sophisticated art piece.
  • Pick your favorite bright color and paint a wall or two in that hue or in the same chromatic scale to keep yourself awake and stimulated.
  • Create a specific spot for your pet to spend time with you with a nice bed for them. If you don’t have a furry friend, even a simple houseplant will add some extra life to your office.
  • Situate yourself so you can see out a window. This will help keep things in perspective when you’re buried in work.

Coming Into Focus

Once you consider the order of things in your office and create some pleasant scenery, your space should start feeling more welcoming and productive. The urge to lay on the couch or stand in front of the refrigerator will always be there, but by making your office an incredible workspace, you won’t mind spending time in there. Now, get to work!

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