This is my S.I 9 policy…

I’m a great believer in setting your cards out on the table; so with that in mind below is my ‘company’ policy on S.I no.9 of 2014:

• So that the Government doesn’t suspect me of overcharging on ‘Designer’ and ‘Assigned Certifier’ charges; my fee for these combined services is €1. However, I will need to receive your appointment for ‘full’ architectural services (for RIAI Work Stages 1-4 inclusive of Domestic Agreement between Client & Architect).

• I will only undertake ‘Designer’ and Assigned Certifier services on projects that I have undertaken the Design and Planning Application.

• I will undertake ‘Designer’ and Assigned Certifier services for any builder (self-builder or otherwise) where they can prove to me that they have sufficient skill and competence in order to self-build and manage their own specific project. This ‘proof’ of competence can be in the form of the following

– Previous construction experience where a similar project has been constructed or managed by the builder

– Construction qualifications and experience (this experience can be shown across several projects)

I would therefore not automatically work with you as builder if you were a member of CIF, nor would I not automatically work with you if you were a self-builder.

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