Things they don’t teach at Architects School No.785 You win some You Lose some

Losing track on these nuggets of ‘Things they don’t teach at Architects School’ so let’s just say this is number 785 and it’s an important one:

You win some and you lose some.

It’s a fact of architectural life, you are going to win projects and you’re going to lose projects; the only hope as you travel through your career is the hope that at least you night win a few.

Another fact is that you’re also going to lose projects probably to people that you know. And as the man in Jerry Maguire says “Roll with the punches, tomorrow is another day”.

I wrote it the last post concerning the interconnectedness of blog posts and there is a strand that connects this post to Why an architect is like an actor and in much the same way that actors shouldn’t read their reviews I am giving up on reading the Planning Site Notices in the paper.

For the non-Irish readers, every planning application in Ireland needs to be advertised is a specific local or national paper (example below):

Planning Notice

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