There isn't "The One"; in relationships or designs

ID-100112052 Now I’m sure there are a few out there who met there wives and husbands as love-struck teenagers and found ‘the one’ at an early age and never had to search for another.

I suspect however that the majority (myself included) broke hearts and had their heat broken as time went on. Each relationship in turn was “The One”. But if you look back there never was only a single “One” . Imagine if you were now still with that very first relationship, the reason you aren’t with that person is obvious that they weren’t “The One”.

Where am I going with this? I frequently see this happening when I present designs to clients; “Yes, this is The One” they say. “It’s perfect”. “We’re going to be with this one forever”, and the like. The clients then become very attached to this “One” design and very protective over it. To the extent that anger is brought upon any others (planners for example) that critisize “The One”.

What should be remembered is that design is a cyclical process and that “The One” may change as time progresses and you may even have to consider a completely new “One”.

I’ve written about this ‘Process’ HERE and inevitably the design that you finally end up with, just as in relationships is (hopefully) better than the one you started first with.

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