The Irish Rural House – Design Guidelines; new e-book – @55n features heavily

The Irish Rural House: Design GuidelinesIn 2011 I started writing a series of blog posts for a possible book on the design concepts for the Irish Rural House. The plan was to compile all the posts into a published book that gathers all the information together in one handy to access publication.

I gave the concepts away free on the website and with the advent of Amazon Kindle, self-publishing I can effectively ‘print’ the book in digital format for you to download at a very low cost.

The e-book serves to give advice and ideas about what you should be thinking about when designing either a new house or extending an old one. The chapters include:

  • The plan is still the generator
  • The Section is critical
  • Scale and Proportion
  • Massing
  • Legibility and visual appropriateness
  • The Site
  • Designing for the sun
  • What’s the big idea?
  • Rhythm & repetition
  • Thermal performance vs Traditional Forms
  • Size isn’t everything
  • Back to the form again
  • Materials

The e-book contains stacks of examples of our own work as well as projects from other architects including Matt Bridgestock The project is a work in progress and will updated when I can and to download the e-book CLICK HERE or the image above.

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