The Facts of Life (for architects) #1

A long overdue post continuing the series on ‘The Things they don’t teach at architect’s school’:

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So what’s this one?

Sometimes, some projects just go bad

If you find an architect that says he’s never had a project go bad then he/she is lying. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a project just doesn’t go right. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, architects have taken over my jobs and I have taken over other architects jobs. I’ve seen all manner of sub-contractors such as window suppliers go spectacularly wrong and in my work as an expert witness I’ve seen contractors make a real mess of things.

What can the architect do if things are going bad? You have to deal with it. Front up, say you made a mistake, be professional and just get it sorted. Anyone can make a mistake, no one is infallible and it’s your job to make amends and to solve the problem.

There, brave to say and look forward to some comments…

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