The architectural Grand Tour… #FLW

Traditionally the architect’s Grand Tour was to the cultural sites of Europe in order to study the ancient monuments and then reproduce them at home. I did a series of posts on a trip to Rome HERE

For me it’s an opportunity to experience architectural design and history up-close and first-hand. The architectural tour of this type is also part of the architectural education; in my course we visited Vienna in the 2nd year and Berlin (pre-wall coming down) in the 5th.

But what is the more contemporary version? For someone who specialises in residential architecture? Well for me it had to be a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright properties. The faithful reader over the last few days will have already read the Blog Tour diary if not you can see them listed on the widget to the right.

In summary it was a great experience, highly recommended and I feel inspired and renewed to create great work for my clients. I even took the opportunity to get out the sketch pad & watercolours to do my rendition of of Fallingwater (excuse the poor perspective & wobbly lines – quick & difficult to do with so many taking photos in front of you!

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