Swinford Cycling Promotion Sunday 22nd Feb, please share/RT

Cycle Promotion – Sunday February 22nd

Swinford Cycling Club have organised a cycle promotion this Sunday Feb 22nd at 10.30am from the Amenity Park. Though this promotion is geared towards beginners, there will also be issues which will be of interest to the more experienced cyclist. We would appreciate if you would share.

•The benefits and advantages of cycling
•Events- leisure and competition with the latter involving
•Choosing a bike
•Bike fit
•Bike security
•Bike Repairs –
•Cycle Skills and Techniques
• Cycling in Groups
• Events
• Joining a Club and Cycling Ireland
• Training
•Rules of the road and safety
Questions & Answers

Following the presentation, there will be a short cycle around the town boundary. If you do intend to cycle, please ensure that you are in possession of a helmet

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