Short post on the benefit of Structural Engineer…

“a structural engineer can do for a penny what everyone else can do for a pound”

This short blog post addresses the question about why we need an architect as well as a structural engineer. Frequently I’m asked why we need an structural engineer as well as myself; the answer in a more innovative building is that as well as ensuring the building is structurally sound (which would be the case for any building), the coordination of design and structure is critical to fully realise the design concept.

I am also pleased to announce that (for suitable projects and where requested) we can now supply a competetive fee schedule that includes the structural design component integrated with the architectural services fee. For details on the SERVICES we provide CLICK HERE

I frequently post about the benefits of the architect but Paul Cuddy (Structural Engineer) gives a couple of examples on why you need a structural engineer working alongside the architect and the cost benefits that result:

No matter what your build, whether it be a house or a football stadium, a structural engineer will add tremendous value in terms of economy, stability and sustainability. If your project is adventurous then your structural engineer will provide you with structural integrity, if your project is conventional then your structural engineer will provide you with great economy. Most structural engineers will save you their fee in terms of reduced costs in materials and labour. Large open plans, balconies, vaulted roofs, mezzanine spaces all require a structural engineers input. In fact, most modern architects’ designed houses cannot be built without a structural engineer but don’t be dismayed as your engineer will make sure that you end up spending less on your project with greater results than you would have if you had not employed one.
They achieve these great results by combining the sciences of mathematics and physics to analyse structures and work out the best design solutions.

Case Studies

A conventional foundation for a nursing home in Charlestown would have cost €58,000 in materials. It was designed in accordance with the design codes and ended up costing €30,000, a saving of almost 50% which dwarfs the fee paid to the structural engineer.

The steel work for Cloontycilla castle (estate house in Boyle, Co. Roscommon) was to cost €70,000 and with careful design the cost was reduced to €50,000.

The savings to be made on any project can be staggering.

Paul Cuddy
Paul Cuddy
B.eng (Hons) Civil B.eng (Struct)

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  1. It’s nice to see someone highlighting the benefits to be had with employing a structural engineer on any construction project. As you say, the savings are there to be made, if only clients could see this from the outset.

    1. Thanks for comment & Like : the cost savings are something I don’t think the public appreciates when appointing a structural engineer – the tendency is only to compare prices between engineers rather than the project as a whole. Plus you need architects that understand this and also appreciate that the structural engineer is an intrinsic part of the success of the oroject.

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