Planning Tip #5 – Withdraw

So you’ve been following the planning tips closely; and your planning application is still destined for a refusal – what can you do?

Prior to the notification of the refusal of your Planning Application you can Withdraw it at any stage.

The advantage of withdrawing is that you won’t have a refusal on the planning file. However I’ve been involved in planning applications that were originally refused and then resubmitted (addressing the concerns of the refusal) and an application was subsequently granted.

Bear in mind also that:

a. You are starting at the very beginning of the planning process if you decide to resubmit a revised planning application

b. You could still receive a refusal on a revised planning application unless the aspects of the possible refusal on the original application are fully addressed.

c. Without letting the application go to ‘full term’ that is seeing whether it’s a pass or refusal; you will never actually know what your planning decision will be.

Next tip, Appeal !!!

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