Our grass roof is actually flowering!……

It’s been a long while since I blogged due to incredibly busy; but I thought I’d give an update on our grass rooves.

As you may remember we built a garage with a sedum roof (below):

Sunsetting on grass roof

Sunsetting on grass roof

And when we laid the sedum it was (as you can see green).

A few moths later the roof started to turn red; we thought it was dying and all we could find from Google & the supplier was that the roof was in distress and that it needed a bit of rain and fertiliser. Now, the roof is in Mayo and we’ve had a good bit of rain recently. Nevertheless we did what was suggested and the roof remained red.

A couple more weeks go but and I inspected the roof yesterday. The red bulbs (like a cactus) are beginning to open up and small flowers are appearing:


The roof is still very red (which we’re now OK with) and a close-up of a section shows how it’s flowering:


So our roof isn’t dying! It’s flowering!

More on the grass roof over the underground section of our house later…

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