Our architectural models have stepped up a notch…

The faithful readers will know that we love our foamboard models; this probably started after Dermot’s Room to Improve where we jumped on the band wagon and started to do the same.

Up until recently we’ve been using scalpels and glue-guns but we saw this new cutting tool and had to give it a go. The Foamwerks Foamboard V Groove Cutter allows you to cut mitred cuts in foamboard in one cut.

The timing is fortuitous as I have my 3rd lad in the office who’s here on work experience testing out the cutter.

Here’s what he had to say:

“This product is designed to make architectural model making easier, which it certainly does. As opposed to standard model making, where you cut out each wall separately and then join them all together; the idea of this product is to first cut out the net of the model and then use this product to cut a groove into each corner. When you’ve cut the grooves you fold the net up and that makes the model.

When used first, sometimes the cut’s too big and sometimes it’s too small, but after a few practice cuts and a turn of a knob, you can find the goldilocks area of being ‘just right’. On your first attempt you might run into some difficulty of not cutting in a straight line or cutting in the wrong place, but after some practice that’s quickly sorted out.

All in all it’s a pretty useful kit for model making. The corners are more flush than if you were making models the standard way.

The only problem I had with this is that if you are making small models, the grooves can run into each other, making a mess that doesn’t stay together. Aside from that it it is certainly a handy cutting tool and will definitely be used in the future.” Fionn Stephens

Below are a few photos of the tool and the resultant model:

The same model created in standard 'scalpel' method (left) and V-cutter tool (right)

The same model created in standard ‘scalpel’ method (left) and V-cutter tool (right)

Foamwerks Foamboard V-cutter tool

Foamwerks Foamboard V-cutter tool

You can get the tool from Jacksons HERE

ps You can also get a specific ruler that the tool sits into and is guided by

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