Now I love #RoomToImprove & Dermot but 2 things are missing from prog

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Room To Improve and I love Dermot. I can’t think of another architect has done so much in Ireland to raise awareness of what architects do and how they work. I’ve even professed my love for Dermot previously HERE

But, there are 2 vital parts missing from the programme. Let’s look at the programme first and then see what’s missing:

The programme starts with Dermot visiting the house & clients; then there’s the chat about what they’re looking for and the explanation of where the sun rises and sets and where the best views are:

Explanation of where the sun is

Explanation of where the sun is

Then there’s a walk around the house surmising the situation and what’s wrong with the existing property:

A walk around seeing what's wrong

A walk around seeing what’s wrong

Then Dermot heads off to start the design process:

The designing happens!

The designing happens!

Dermot then returns a while later to present the design with sketches and normally a model:

Design Presentation

Design Presentation

Sometimes the client is unsure, sometimes they love it!

Then there’s a bit of TV graphics to explain to viewers what Dermot has come up with:

TV Graphics

TV Graphics

The costs are worked out:

It's on budget!

It’s on budget!

And work begins. Buildings are demolished. Something unforeseen turns up. The windows can’t be delivered on time. Many hurdles are overcome:


But the building is complete and everyone loves it!:

Completion & happiness

Completion & happiness

So what’s missing?

We see the amount the builder gets. But we never see anything to do with how the architect gets paid.

In fact it comes as a surprise to clients that I charge for my services. Yes. Seriously.

It comes as a surprise that I don’t do a heap of sketch designs “to see if we like it” for nothing. Yes. Seriously.

So, in the next few posts I’m going to explain how I get paid and in general terms what the costs would be.

So what else is missing?

Allegedly, there is a current court case between one of the clients on the program & the architects. Why can’t we see the disgruntled clients?

Any architect who tells you that their work has been plain sailing hasn’t been in the business long enough. I have been both defendant & plaintiff and working in a highly litigious country together with the foibles of humans means that the architect will inevitably come across clients who aren’t happy.

In fact RTE is missing a trick here, why not have a ‘Judge Judy’ style programme specifically dealing with property programme complaints?

New book on ‘How to run your architectural practice’ coming soon ny YT, watch this space.

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